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Building your blog

Expand on your blog after you have set it up. See how to set up the blog here.

Create a Custom Menu
Custom menus allow you to fully control the links that appear in your navigation menu. You can change the order of the menu items & create drop-down menus.
Editing the Sidebar
The term widget refers to any tool or content that you add, arrange or remove from the sidebar(s) of your blog. They are the blocks that make up your sidebar. Everything in a sidebar is contained in a widget of one type or another. See how to add or delete a widget in the linked tutorial.
Add an Image to a Sidebar – with the Image Widget
You can use this method in a Pro blog. Teacher blogs at OLD are Pro blogs. First size the image to fit.
Add an image to a sidebar – without an image widget
Student blogs are not full Pro blogs. They can use this work-round. First size the image to fit.
Add an External Widget e.g. Clock
A widget provides regularly updated content in a small, compact window that you can install on any web page:
  • Copy the embed code from the website.
  • Drag a Text Widget to the sidebar in your Edublog.
  • Paste the code into the Text Widget.
  • The widget will not activate until viewed live on the web.
Note also that you can resize the video when collecting the code in You Tube. [Share > Embed > Video Size – drop down menu].
Creating a Table
A Pro blog can activate the MCE Table Buttons in the Editor. A Font plugin is also available here. You can use this on your Teacher blog but students cannot as their blogs are not Pro blogs.