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These websites provide free images for use in education by teachers and students. Users should investigate the specific copyright terms as presented on each site in terms of further publication or commercial use of the images. Some sites are housed on the OLD School intranet server and as such are available only to users connected to the local school network. Such links are indicated


General Topics

Creative Commons and Free Images

Pics4Learning DK Clip Art
Really Truly Free Clipart Open Clip Art Library
M/Y/D/S Free Clipart Phillip Martin Clipart
GATAG Free Images PhotoPin  Gospel Clip Art



Animal Photos  iConBug – clipart
Flickr  Creative Design Ideas
Free Nature Pictures  Picdrome  Pixabay
Compfight  Clipart Panda





Animals – Australian – internal link Food – Healthy – internal link
Animals – Wild – internal link Theme Photos (QWeekend)
Brisbane Flood – 1974 – internal link Religions of the World – internal link