Photo Challenge

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WALT – WAre Learning To…

look at our environment with ‘new eyes’ to help us interpret particular themes in individual ways. We are also learning that we have the capacity to create our own meaningful images for use in digital environments, rather than depend on those created by others.

WILF – What I‘m Looking For…

is a whole group collection of each person’s ‘best’ photo for each theme and an individual collection of your own favourites in your personal gallery. I will also be looking for you to be using some of your own images in your digital presentations, in addition to those of others.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

It is much easier to learn how machines work by looking at pictures rather than by hearing someone describe them. Often a newspaper editor will decide to devote more space to photographs of a disaster than to text. After a wedding,  will people relive it better through the photographs or a diary written about it?  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Check out the QWeekend Photography Competition.

Being creative as a photographer isn’t always easy. The Photo Challenge will help you hone in your eye for detail and let your imagination flow as you interpret each theme in your own way.

There is only one rule:
Have no recognisable people in your photo.

Use an iPad to take your photos.
After you collect a series of photos on each theme do this:

  1. Select your best photo.
  2. Open the Padlet for the theme you are working on. (Links below)
  3. Double tap to create an upload space. Type your first name. Upload your best photo to the Padlet theme page and write a short description which explains why you took this photo for this theme.
  4. Upload your other successful photos to your personal Padlet. Instead of typing your name here type the name of the theme.  For each photo write a description which explains why you took this photo for this theme. Be sure to include your favourite photo that you loaded to the theme Padlet.

Year 4 Group Padlet Galleries

Year 4 – Long
Year 4 – Peaceful

Year 7 Group Padlet Galleries

Year 7 – Secret
Year 7 – Camouflage
Year 7 – Built
Year 7 – Unusual
Year 7 – Colour

Year 7 Personal Padlet Galleries

Allen Carys Hannah Makenzie
Bernie Ellee Heidi Maurice
Braith Genevieve Isabella Noah





For the Teacher

Australian Curriculum – Year 5 and 6 The Arts – Visual Arts

Thread: Developing understanding of practices
Content Description
Develop and apply techniques and processes when making their artworks.

Australian Curriculum – Level 4 &5 ICT Continuum

Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT
Recognise intellectual property (Level 4)

  • identify the legal obligations regarding the ownership and use of digital products and apply some referencing conventions.
    i.e. become aware of the value in using original images in digital presentations.

Apply digital information security practices (Level 5)

  • Not storing private information on public online sites. i.e. not including recognisable people in the photographs.

Creating with ICT
Generate ideas, plans and processes

  • Use ICT effectively to record ideas, represent thinking and plan solutions.
    i.e. Take photographs to represent a range of themes.

Managing and operating ICT
[Select and] use hardware and software. (Level 4)

  • Use an iPad camera and discover how to upload images to Padlet from the iPad.

Manage digital data (Level 4)

  • Manage and maintain data on different storage mediums. i.e. Group and individual Padlet walls.