Building Bridges

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WALT – WAre Learning To…

discover how bridges are engineered to hold weight.

WILF – What I’Looking For…

to work in a group to design and build your own bridge from newspaper and tape. Test the bridge with a weights of 100grams, 500 grams and will it hold 1 kilogram?

How are Bridges Designed?

How a bridge is built is as important as the material it is made from.

The triangle and the arch are the two most important shapes used in building structures.
See them in use.

Types of Bridges

Which bridge is best?

Decide which bridge design you would build in different locations.
Download the Task Sheet.

In your group, develop the plan for your bridge.
Draw it on the Task Sheet.
Use labels on your plan.

Build a Bridge Online


Build a Bridge Online Challenge

Build a Bridge

In your group, work together to build the bridge you have designed.
Your materials are newspaper and masking tape.

For the Teacher

From the Australian Curriculum Design and Technologies
Technology Context – Materials and technologies specialisations

Years 3-4

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a product or system
  • Identify and explore properties and construction relationships of an engineered product or system, for example a bridge to carry a load.

Processes and Production Skills

  •  Use materials and techniques and safe work practices to make designed solutions.
  • Explore ways of joining, connecting and assembling components that ensure success.
  • Demonstrate safe, responsible and cooperative work practices when making designed solutions.