Design a Car

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How will your dream car make the world a better place?


Learning Intentions

I am learning to...

  • explain how a product can be designed to meet the needs of our community.
  • recognise what people in design technologies jobs do.
  • develop a design idea with a partner and share this through diagrams, drawings and labels.
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Success Criteria

I will be successful when I …

  • decide, with my partner, what community need our car of the future will address.
  • develop design ideas with my partner.
  • our design addresses one or more sustainability or environmental need.
  • share our design ideas through a labelled diagram, a coloured drawing and a written explanation of the idea.
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Designing your dream car

This unit is based on the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest which is held each year in many countries, to encourage and inspire creativity in children. The goal is for children to design and draw, using non-digital materials, a car that would address one or more sustainability or environmental factors, with the goal of making the world a better place. You also need to present a written explanation of the purpose of your car and its features.

In our project, you will work with a partner to develop your design and create the presentation of the drawing and explanation.

Enjoy these Examples.

10th Contest – Winning Artworks

Australian Finalists in the 10th Contest

Past designs with details of their concept (ideas)

ABC Splash Design a Car Competition
Excellent examples of labelling of features of the car.

Dream Car Videos
These videos combine some of the winning artworks to tell their story in an animated way.

From Design to Car

The 2015 contest introduced a new award, the Engineering Inspiration Award, which goes to the entry that inspires Toyota’s car production staff the most.The prize-winning concept is made into a 3D miniature car by Toyota craftsmen and engineers and unveiled at the awards ceremony.

The winner was:

Minhal Adnan Sami (UAE, age 9) received the award this year for her Ecofix Car. Running on vegetable and fruit compost, the car has features that help both people and the environment. She hopes her “Dream Car” will spread peace to everyone.

See this entry here and see how it was made.
Notice how many adaptations had to be made to the production plan to create this car. Notice also, how many people were involved in this.

Read this under Figuring out the message behind the picture.

Getting Started

Working Together: What makes a creative partnership?
Hear Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton talk about working together. [Chapter 1]

The Design Process


ASK: What is the problem?
e.g. People leave rubbish on the streets.

IMAGINE: Design a car that could scoop up and recycle rubbish as it drove along.

PLAN: What features does this car need to achieve this goal? Draw a labelled diagram.

CREATE: Draw this car in its environment doing its job.

IMPROVE: What is missing from your plan and drawing. How can it be better? Have you named it?

PRESENT: Your labelled diagram, coloured drawing and text to explain the concept of your car.

Try these fun sites for some starter ideas.

Create a Talking Car