Shelf Markers

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Learning Intention
I am learning to to…

  • describe the purpose of familiar products, and how they meet the needs of users.
  • identify how common digital systems (library) are used to meet specific purposes.

Success Criteria
I will be successful when I…

  • explore needs or opportunities for designing,
  • recognise the purpose of a [digital] system

To learn this I will…

  • design a shelf marker that is unique and identifiable.
  • Use the shelf marker to correctly reshelve books

Step 1

  • Notice the books on the library shelves are stored in ABC order by the first letter of the author’s surname.
  • Discuss why this is so.
  • Discuss the purpose of a shelf marker and how to use it.

Step 2

Investigate ways to create a unique design so that you will recognise your shelf marker from all angles when it is on a shelf.

Border designs

[Image source]

See more border designs.

Decorated names

[Image source]

See more decorated names.

Step 3

Materials: pencils, coloured paper, scissors, paste

Create your design on your shelf marker.

Step 4

Play the Shelver Game to help you learn how to shelve the books without a shell marker.

Click here to start.

Shelve-it Full Screen