Design Wrapping Paper

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Learning Intention
I am learning to…

  • describe the purpose a product and how it meets a need,
  • create a design,
  • rate ideas and designs according to what I think of them.

Success Criteria
I will be successful when I…

  • find occasions to design,
  • think about the effect of my design and how I made it,
  • make my design safely.

To learn this I will…

  • talk about the purpose of wrapping paper,
  • look at the design features of wrapping paper,
  • design a pattern for wrapping paper.

Step 1

  1. Why do we use wrapping paper?
  2. Look at wrapping paper designs

Step 2

  • Design your wrapping paper on a small page.
  • Make your wrapping paper on an A3 page.

Step 3

  • Use your wrapping paper to wrap up a present.

For the Teacher

Australian Curriculum Design and Technologies
Achievement Standard P-2

Learning Intention

Students will learn to…

  • describe the purpose of familiar products and how they meet the needs of users.
  • create designed solutions
  • evaluate their ideas and designed solutions based on personal preferences.

Success Criteria

Students will demonstrate their learning when they:

  • explore needs or opportunities for designing,
  • consider the impact of their decisions and of technologies.
  • safely make designed solutions