Make a Tree

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Learning Intention
I am learning to…

Follow directions to complete a project.



Success Criteria
I will be successful when I…

find ways to make my designs.

To learn this I will…

  • hear the story The Magnificent Tree by Nick Bland,
  • talk about the design ideas for a tree in this book,
  • follow my teachers directions,
  • twist crepe paper to make leaves to hang on the iCentre tree,
  • arrange my left over paper to make leaves for my own tree, [tree template]
  • glue these ‘leaves’ onto my tree.

Step 1

Let’s have a story.

Bonny and Pop are bursting with ideas. Pop’s ideas are big and brave and Bonny’s ideas are simple and clever. When they decide to make something that will attract the birds, they come up with ideas for a tree. A brave tree, a clever tree a magnificent tree.

Let’s make leaves for our tree.

Use left over paper to make your own tree. [tree template]

For the Teacher