All About Me

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Use different types of data to create a multimedia presentation about Myself. This will be shared in a safe online environment – the OLD School Intranet: OLDotCom.



Learning Intentions
I am learning to…

  • create and organise ideas in pictures and text and share them online.

Success Criteria
I will be successful when I…

  • draw pictures and type text on a computer to make meaning,
  • use digital systems (hardware, software and the internet)
  • explore how digital systems are used for particular purposes in daily life.

To do this I will…

  • create original digital pictures in KidPix and Keynote.
  • Import images into an online presentation.
  • construct texts that incorporate supporting images,
  • create a creating a multimedia presentation that includes a photo of the student, original drawings, a personal audio recording and text.

Make a presentation about yourself in Keynote.

Photos of you are in the Common Drive > Technology > Year 2 > All about me photos.

  • Include some or all of these i your presentation.
    your house | pet | fav food | a holiday | fav sport | your family | anything else
  • Put each one on a new slide.
  • Draw a picture for each in KidPix. In some cases you might find a picture on the internet.
  • Move the picture to Keynote.
  • Write interesting facts about each one.

For the Teacher

Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies Years P-2

Learning Intentions

During this term children will learn to…

  • create and organise ideas and information using information systems, and share information in safe online environments.
  • organise, manipulate and present data, including text and images in creative ways to create meaning.

Success Criteria

They will demonstrate their learning when they:

  • create and organise ideas and images in an online environment,
  • use digital systems to present data creatively,
  • explore how digital systems are used for particular purposes in daily life.

Evidence of Learning

Their learning will be evidenced by the following:

  • creating original digital images in KidPix and Keynote.
  • Importing images into an online presentation.
  • constructing texts that incorporate supporting images,
  • drawing the charaters in the story, Nannie Loves, by Kylie Dunstan, (CBCA short-listed book, 2017) and inferring why Nannie loves selected characters.

General Capabilities and Cross Curriculum Priorities:

Information and Communication Technologies

  • Identify the impacts of ICT in society
  • generate data and information
  • generate ideas, plans and processes,
  • generate solutions to challenges and learning area tasks
  • understand ICT systems.

Literacy (English Curriculum)

  • Construct texts that incorporate supporting images using software.

Critical and Creative Thinking

  • identifying, exploring and organising information and ideas
  • Generating ideas, possibilities and actions