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Online Marble Game

Published on: Author: cxyz

You will use your learning from the Design Technologies project in Term 1 where you designed and constructed a marble run on a plate. You will take these concepts into a digital environment, using Scratch, where you will design and program an interactive digital marble run game with multi levels.

Let’s Code

Published on: Author: cxyz

By learning to code you are learning strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas. You will work in the visual programming environment, code.org, to work with block coding. 


Published on: Author: cxyz

Using the online program Tynker, you will work through lessons learning coding concepts in a game-like way. To complete each lesson, you will do a review, solve a puzzle, run through a tutorial, build your own project, and take a quiz. You will create interactive stories, animations, and mini-games.