Jigsaw Challenge

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WALT – WAre Learning To…

investigate how shape, size and colour are important when designing.


WILF – What I’Looking For…

to design and make a jigsaw ranging from 6-24 pieces.

What makes a good jigsaw picture?

A good jigsaw picture needs detail and variety across the whole page. Too much of the one colour is hard to match.

Compare two pictures.

Are these good jigsaw pictures?

Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike

Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike

(c) Ian Britton - FreeFoto.com

(c) Ian Britton – FreeFoto.com

(c) Ian Britton - FreeFoto.com

(c) Ian Britton – FreeFoto.com

(c) Ian Britton - FreeFoto.com

(c) Ian Britton – FreeFoto.com

Task 1

Design a picture that will be a great jigsaw picture. It should:

  • cover a lot of the page
  • have many colours
  • have lots of shapes or features
Here is a picture.

Here is a picture.

Draw your picture on the back of the paper. On the other side is the jigsaw template.

Task 2

Before your next lesson your picture will be laminated.

Cut out your jigsaw pieces and have fun with your jigsaw.

Now the picture is a jigsaw!

Now the picture is a jigsaw!

How did you go?

Download the Task Sheet.

Jigsaws Online to try

Our Little Dazzlers: KIC Jigsaws [Internal link only]

Pig the Pug

Scary Night

A House of her Own

Go to Sleep Jessie

Snail and Turtle are Friends

Noni the Pony at the Beach

Find more jigsaws here.

For the Teacher

From the Australian Curriculum Design and Technologies
Technology Context – Materials and technologies specialisations

Years P-2

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Identify how people design and produce familiar products.
    • Realise that all things are built out of smaller things. Break down your drawing into smaller parts. [Decomposition]
  • Make design decisions based on personal and family needs.
    • Decide on the design of the jigsaw template. How many pieces are suitable for me?

Processes and Production Skills

  • Explore needs or opportunities for designing, and the technologies needed to realise designed solutions.
    • Discover that laminating the jigsaw makes it more durable.
  • Identify, gather and play with materials, components, tools and equipment to generate personal design ideas.
    • Create a jigsaw puzzle to entertain myself, friends and family.