Data – Patterns & Play

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WALT – WAre Learning To…

show simple patterns in data in different ways.

WILF – What I’Looking For…

arranging beads that you make from paper in a pattern based on their colours.


Making Paper Beads

  • Use the paper bead template to print and cut many different coloured strips.
  • Students select 3 different colours.
  • Roll each strip firmly around a skewer, sliding the bead to ensure it can be removed.
  • Use paste to seal the edge. Rub excess paste around the bead to strengthen it.
  • Make multiple beads from these 3 colours.

Threading the Beads

beads_02Data is information. Data can be presented in different ways. We can sort objects by colour, size, shape, age, type and many other ways.

Sorting by Colour

Sort these objects by their colour.

We can use colour to make patterns.

  • Sort your beads into a pattern using their 3 colours.
  • When your pattern works, thread the beads onto the string in this pattern.
  • Thread your name tag as well and tie a knot to complete the necklace.

Play some online sorting games that will ask you to sort the data in different ways.

For the Teacher

Data in the digital technologies learning area focuses on the nature and properties of data, how they are collected and presented and how they are presented in particular contexts to produce information.

data interpretation (patterns and contexts).

Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills

Collect, explore and sort data, and use digital systems to present the data creatively