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Using the online program Tynker, you will work through lessons learning coding concepts in a game-like way. To complete each lesson, you will do a review, solve a puzzle, run through a tutorial, build your own project, and take a quiz. You will create interactive stories, animations, and mini-games. 

Learning Intentions
I am learning to…

  • Write code. [Give instructions to a computer to tell it what to do.]
  • Follow and create a sequence of steps.

Success Criteria
I will be successful when I…

  • Use and arrange different code instructions.
  • Troubleshoot and debug my programs.

To learn this I will…

  • Use the Tynker program, Course: Programming 101 to:
    • design animated characters
    • create interactive scenes
    • make animated birthday cards
    • write cartoon stories
    • create a music machine
    • experiment with maths art
    • design and build small games

Log into Tynker here. – Programming 101

Use the Tynker program, Course: Programming 102 to:

  • applying programming concepts to build their own games,
  • designing characters with multiple animation sequences,
  • writing interactive stories with multiple scenes,
  • making an image editor,
  • programing special effects and explosions,
  • troubleshooting and debugging programs.

Log into Tynker here. – Programming 102

For the Teacher

Australian Curriculum Digital Technologies Years 3-4

Learning Intentions
Students will learn to…

  • collect and manipulate different data when creating digital solutions,
  • define simple problems,
  • design and implement digital solutions using algorithms,
  • explain how the solutions meet their purposes.

Success Criteria
Students will demonstrate their learning when they…

  • define simple problems,
  • describe and follow a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms),
  • implement simple digital solutions as visual programs with algorithms.