Rotations: P-2

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Learning Intention
I am learning to…

  • experiment with different construction materials to find out what I can do with them.
  • create designs for different structures.

Success Criteria
Students will demonstrate their learning when they…

  • use different materials and components to safely make designs,
  • investigate what different materials and components will do,
  • discover what is best for each job,
  • explore how technologies use forces to create movement in products. [Gears]

To learn this I will…

  • plan and build given structures,
  • plan and build my own structures.

How will I learn this?

Rotating groups will work with different materials and components each week.


Push any two Squiz together and the air rushes out and they join by suction.

Pull hard to get them apart. They will pop!

There are 8 different shapes to use.

What can you make with Squiz?

Magnetic Shapes

Join the shapes together to make a picture.

Try to use all the shapes.

Build a Community

You have community buildings, vehicles and people.

Plan your community so it will be convenient and safe for the people.

Building with Lego

What can you build with Lego?.



Gears are wheels with teeth.

Many machines work with gears.

Use the Gears Set to build a machine that moves.

What is your machine?

What does it do?

Marble Run

Build a track that will let the marble get to the end without stopping.






What can you build with cards?



Cardboard Rolls

What can you build with cardboard rolls?



Can you make a house and a snowflake?

What else can you make?

For the Teacher

Australian Curriculum Design and Technologies
Achievement Standard P-2

Learning Intention

Students will learn to…

  • create designed solutions suitable for given needs or opportunities. (P/1/2)
  • communicate design ideas for their designed products, services and environments using simple drawings (P/1)

Success Criteria
I will be successful when I…

  • use materials, components and techniques to safely make designed solutions,
  • explore the characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to produce designed solutions
  • Explore how technologies use forces to create movement in products
  • evaluate the impact of their use.